Does Virgin America accept Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCS)?
Oxygen (O2) is classified under the category of restricted articles, as a compressed gas of any kind is hazardous material. Persons who might require occasional or constant oxygen may wish to consider other air carrier alternatives. Virgin America cannot allow guests who require oxygen nor will Virgin America provide oxygen for guest use other than in emergency situations.
Virgin America does however accept the following FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs):
Guests traveling with a POC are required to present a physician's statement with the following information:
  • Signature on physician's letterhead
  • Travel is within one year from the physician's signature date
  • Notation which phases of flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing etc.) oxygen use is medically necessary
  • Guests are responsible for bringing an adequate number of fully charged batteries to power the POC for no less than 150% of the maximum flight duration as unfortunately, sources suggest that aircraft electrical outlets may not be reliable sources of power for electronic respiratory assistive devices, and thus out of concern for our guests we do not permit guests to use power outlets to use or charge these devices.
    If you would like to fly on Virgin America with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, please print the document below titled Portable Oxygen Concentrator Med Form. It can either be used by your physician to provide the required statement, or provide a guideline as to what should be included in such a statement.